Fifty Shades of Grey Movie 7.5/10
(305 votes)

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2015 Feb.
Fifty Shades of Grey
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Movie 7.2/10
(72 votes)

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2015 Feb.
Hot Tub Time Machine 2
Get Hard Movie 7.3/10
(204 votes)

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2915 Mar.
Get Hard
Insurgent Movie 7.6/10
(175 votes)

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2015 Mar.
The Gunman(2015) Movie 7.2/10
(64 votes)

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2015 Mar.
The Gunman(2015)
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  30 Last Posts / Comments :
Slumdog Millionaire. Topic Comments Slumdog Millionaire
second time watching this film because it really is amazing. 7 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

edward scissorhands - tim burton. Topic Comments Edward Scissorhands
to all of you who haven't watched a tim burton film, this is far the best of his creations, true he has a dark streak in all of his films but also a deep meaning. 7 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

The Book Of Eli. Topic Comments The Book Of Eli
good film, worth a watch 8/10. 7 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

500 Days Of Summer. Topic Comments (500) Days Of Summer
i loved this film it wasn't really chick flick it was more 'Serendipity' trust of fate [spoiler] i.. 7 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

Bruno. Topic Comments Bruno
Ahh Bruno He has some balls, I don't think this film was meant to be as funny as Borat, I think it.. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

District 9. Topic Comments District 9
8/10. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

Interview with a vampire. Topic Comments Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
always loved this movie, i like how Louis was sad as a human and even as a vampire. 9/10 i'd even say 10/10. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

''Defiance'' Topic Comments Defiance
brilliant film, not so much concentrated on the concentration camps, which most films actually do, but this is much more about how people can live and survive through anything. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" Topic Comments Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
along side 'the last samurai' i would say very captivating, sad but a lot of action to go with the.. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

Cloverfield. Topic Comments Cloverfield
i didn't like it, the movie wasn't bad but the hand held camera effect reminds me off a cheap knock off like blair witch .. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

The Happening. Topic Comments The Happening
lets face it, it aint so happening is it? nothing really is interesting [spoiler]ok tree's are pissed at us and decide to fight back, scary.. just get a lumber jack or a shredder.. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

''I Am Legend'' Topic Comments I Am Legend
there are mixed reviews about this film, but the rating speaks for itself, the book, yes it is darker. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

the simpsons movie. Topic Comments The Simpsons Movie
i did watch this sometime ago however much i like the simpsons a full hour with the same story line.. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

dead like me.. Topic Comments Dead Like Me: Life After Death
i loved the series but somehow the movie didn't cut you have to see the series to get it if not its still bad 4/10. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

the uninvited. Topic Comments The Uninvited
i don't really know what i thought of this, the ending [spoiler] she knows she is crazy and then.. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

the boy in the striped pyjamas. Topic Comments The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas
this film was good until the end why didn't the shmole climb out of the hole WHO GOES INTO A.. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

"13 Going on 30" Topic Comments 13 Going On 30
a bit, 'peppy' for my taste i enjoy the occasional chick flick but, unfortunately, this wasnt one of those times 4/10. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

"Edward Scissorhands" Topic Comments Edward Scissorhands
jonny depp, tim burton what more do you need for a success ? brilliant move, a dark fairytale x. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

"Down to Earth" Topic Comments Down To Earth
i love chris rock 'nuff said! 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

"Sex and the City" Topic Comments Sex And The City
i love sex and the city but i have to say [spoiler]steve cheating was a shock, and chorlotte.. 8 Years ago by xx_sexy_scouser_xx

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the little mermaid 2 8 Years
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Tarzan 1 8 Years
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 1 8 Years
Pocahontas 1 8 Years
The Lion King 1 8 Years
Aladin 1 8 Years
Beauty & The Beast 1 8 Years
The Aristocats 1 8 Years
The Jungle Book 1 8 Years

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Pyaar Impossible 5 3.6 7 Years
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Defiance 5 4.6 8 Years
Knowing 5 4.3 8 Years
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 4 4.6 8 Years
Hancock 5 4 8 Years
Cloverfield 4 3.7 8 Years
Dead Set Serious 5 4.4 8 Years
I Am Legend 5 4.5 9 Years

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Pineapple Express pineapple express. 9 Years

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