Fifty Shades of Grey Movie 7.5/10
(307 votes)

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2015 Feb.
Fifty Shades of Grey
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Movie 7.2/10
(72 votes)

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2015 Feb.
Hot Tub Time Machine 2
Get Hard Movie 7.2/10
(206 votes)

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2915 Mar.
Get Hard
Insurgent Movie 7.6/10
(175 votes)

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2015 Mar.
The Gunman(2015) Movie 7.2/10
(66 votes)

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2015 Mar.
The Gunman(2015)
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  30 Last Posts / Comments :
Bonnie's Kids. Topic Comments Bonnie's Kids
This is a good one. Watch and see where Tarantino got alot of his ideas for his movies..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Code of Silence. Topic Comments Code Of Silence
This is an awesome movie. Chuck Norris is one bad ass man!..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Exposť Topic Comments Exposť
This is a good movie..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

The Mechanic. Topic Comments The Mechanic
This is a dam good one!..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Watch Angel of H.E.A.T. Topic Comments Angel Of H.E.A.T.
I don't care porn or not Marilyn Chambers was hot! This is a funny one w/ lots of t and a..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Eugenie. Topic Comments Eugenie
This is a good sexploitation, got some fine chicks..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

The Man from the Deep River. Topic Comments The Man From The Deep River
This is a good one. It is actually the first cannibal movie ever made..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

The Image. Topic Comments The Image
This is a good one, actually it was released in 1975. Its a sexploitation..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Chained Heat. Topic Comments Chained Heat
Man, this is a good one!..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Island of Death. Topic Comments Island Of Death
Man, this is a great flick. It lives up to its nasty reputation. As a matter of fact it goes beyond them! Great exploitation..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Night of the Sorcerers. Topic Comments Night Of The Sorcerers
This is a good Spanish made exploitation! It is a cross between zombie and vampire flick..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Vixen! Topic Comments Vixen!
This is a dam good Russ Meyer exploitation flick..10/10. 7 Years ago by wcarter

The Killer Nun. Topic Comments The Killer Nun
This is a dam good flick. Two thumbs up..nuff said..Enjoy! 7 Years ago by wcarter

Bolero (1984) Topic Comments Bolero (1984)
I'am not really into Romance flicks, but this classic has Bo Derek baring all so what the hell. If you can stand the lovey dovey bull crap its worth a watch for great looking nude chicks..nuff said.. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Milano Calibro 9. Topic Comments Milano Calibro 9
This is a dam good Italian police/crime flick. Two thumbs up for sure..nuff said..Enjoy!! 7 Years ago by wcarter

Seven Women for Satan. Topic Comments Seven Women For Satan
Yep, nothing like a sadistic Count and nude chicks! Take care..wcarter. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Can Anybody Suggest Good Action Movies. Topic Action Forum
Clockers, I enjoyed the new Rambo 2008. I was hesitent to watch it because of the worn out series but it is the best of all imo. Stalone is the KING OF ACTION!! http://www.movies-links. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Browser Crashes. Topic Site Support / Help? Forum
I agree with Taimur, if your comp. is crashing there might be something wrong with your comp. If it is divx and you have downloaded the new version, delete it. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Death Walks on High Heels. Topic Comments Death Walks On High Heels
This is an excellent Giallo with alot of twists and turns. I recommend all fans of these suspense flicks to give this one a watch! I will have to give this little Italian gem a perfect 10..nuff said.. 7 Years ago by wcarter

Don't Be Scared. Topic Comments Don't Be Scared
Man, this one is hard to describe. Its a hood/low budget thats really pretty good. The only thing thats wrong, that i've noticed more and more in these newer films is that there is no nudity! 7 Years ago by wcarter

  10 Last Updated Playlists :
Playlist : Rating : Movies : Date :
**GRINDHOUSE** 2.77778 200 7 Years
**JOHN WAYNE** 2.5 50 7 Years
**CHARLES BRONSON** 1.8 26 7 Years
**CLINT EASTWOOD** 2.28571 43 7 Years

  10 Recent Visited Movies :
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Going Postal 4 Years
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 4 Years
Truck Stop Women 5 Years
Battle Of The Amazons 6 Years
Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) 6 Years
Cannibal Apocalypse 6 Years
Cannibal Girls 7 Years

  10 Latest Ratings :
Movie : Your Rating : Community Rating : Rate Date :
Shock 'Em Dead 5 3.6 7 Years
Bonnie's Kids 5 4 7 Years
God Told Me To 5 5 7 Years
Code of Silence 5 4 7 Years
Zombiegore 5 3.1 7 Years
The Carhops 5 5 7 Years
Friday Foster 5 3.7 7 Years
Mother's Day 5 3.8 7 Years
Female Vampire 5 3.7 7 Years
Slaughter (1972) 5 5 7 Years

  10 Recent Movies Reports :
Movie : Title : Date :
The Killer Nun Killer Nun. 7 Years
Chained Heat Chained Heat. 7 Years
Maniac Maniac. 7 Years
The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake. 7 Years
The Longest Yard (1974) The Longest Yard (1974) 7 Years
The Murder Game Murder Game. 7 Years
Pieces Pieces. 7 Years
Daylight Daylight. 7 Years
Down Periscope Down Periscope. 7 Years
Cheech and Chong: Still Smokin 7 Years
Hallowed Ground 7 Years

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