Fifty Shades of Grey Movie 7.5/10
(307 votes)

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2015 Feb.
Fifty Shades of Grey
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Movie 7.2/10
(72 votes)

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2015 Feb.
Hot Tub Time Machine 2
Get Hard Movie 7.2/10
(206 votes)

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2915 Mar.
Get Hard
Insurgent Movie 7.6/10
(175 votes)

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2015 Mar.
The Gunman(2015) Movie 7.2/10
(66 votes)

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2015 Mar.
The Gunman(2015)
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  30 Last Posts / Comments :
a great watch.worth the time. Topic Comments Swimming Pool
I really emjoyed this movie. Had all the elements for a pscycological thriller.i am a bit confused as to the end..someone please confirm there thoughts. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

A definate must see for all ghost story lovers. Topic Comments The Maid
I really liked this film.This is what we miss in Hollywood films.A strong storyline surrounded by a wonderous custom that most Westerners wouldnt believe happens.The end was magnificent. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

the maid. Topic Comments The Maid
im a bit confused at your comments about the Chinese customs.Are you referring to the film or the actual customs in china? There is no custom you cannot speak to other people in china. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Hmm.. Topic Comments Heartless
I found this to be far from interesting..dreary and unmemorable.As did many others. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

ok for a one time watch.didnt really do much for me. Topic Comments Heartless
This didnt really interest me.I found it quite boring and uninteresting.They had a decent idea but I felt it lacked too much. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Another twisted and gore filled flick.hostel like.A great watch!! Topic Comments Train
Well another hostel type film on a train.i do like them for what they are but I dont particularily like so much gore and blood. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

TRAIN. Topic Comments Train
You need to have a respect for your fear of travelling outside of North America.It can be scary and things do happen.You just need to be smart. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Do not pass this gem up.Old Irish thriller/drama that would make a great remake!! Topic Comments The Tiger's Tail
well what a pleasant surprise this one was.The story itself was fantastical and has such potential to something unbelievable, but this was very enjoyable and thought provoking. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Very good movie,that everyone will relate to in some way. Topic Comments Gossip
I saw this years ago and just watched again.WOW. I had forgotten how good this movie is. as the name says GOSSIP is what its about.The twisted and rotten whispers that we are all guilty of.. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Boring,and not worth the effort. Topic Comments The Mutant Chronicles
I did not find this enjoyable at all.Really quite long and drawn out boring.I love end of the world,post apocalyptic type films but this one just did not cut it at all. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Snoozefest,without a true plot. Topic Comments Deadline (2009)
I agree with most.This was such a waste of time.It had such potential as a story but was not done well for me.Confusing,dragged out,slow and just not worth the effort it took to watch it. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

not worth the time. Topic Comments The Zombie Diaries
unbearably slow and boring.. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

well,not the best but a different type of zombie flick. Topic Comments The Vanguard
This doesnt have a lot of strength and speaking but I didnt mind it.Youve got to listen to what is said and watch it to get anything out of it otherwise youll hate it. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

unbelievably amazing performance by Jackson. Topic Comments Unthinkable
Incredibly strong and powerful movie. WOW is all I can say! 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

A good strong thriller worth watching. Topic Comments Storage
This was a pretty decent thriller.Not as predictable as others.Enjoy!! 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

a bizarre drama thats a good watch. Topic Comments Chloe
This has an interesting story,a little stange and sad but I enjoyed the film, Not the best thing Ive ever seen but it does its job.. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Had fun watching this.a thriller with humour is rare for me. Topic Comments Don McKay
Dark and twisted little film with a splash of comedy.Loved it.A very tangled web of extraordinary ridiculousness which reels you in. ha ha It was quite fun. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Offensive language in first half,bad acting but entertaining story. Topic Comments Ebola Syndrome
I dont now what to say about this movie.Definately turns your stomache or more than one occassion. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

decent story,too gory for me though. Topic Comments Invitation Only
this is for the gore hounds for sure.some pretty gross scenes..not what I like in my thrillers.Ii think this could have been much better as the story is very workable. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

Segal killing zombies movie. Topic Comments Against The Dark
wow.I cant believe I watched this entire movie.Entertaining but very monotonous.Steven Segal killing zombies..uh ok. 7 Years ago by thumpergirl

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