Gone Girl Movie 6.1/10
(29 votes)

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2014 Oct.
Gone Girl
The Judge Movie 5.4/10
(14 votes)

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2014 Oct.
The Judge
Men, Women & Children Movie 3.3/10
(3 votes)

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2014 Oct.
Men, Women & Children
John Wick Movie 7.6/10
(5 votes)

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2014 Oct.
John Wick
Ouija (2014) Movie 5.7/10
(6 votes)

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2014 Oct.
Ouija (2014)
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Total Votes : 54
24 - 25 October
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  30 Last Posts / Comments :
well. Topic Comments The Mutant Chronicles
It was ok i guess i expected more but it was good Enjoyable. 7 Years ago by Minc

good film. Topic Comments Prom Night
Good movie explains stalking well. Enjoyable. 7 Years ago by Minc

i liked it. Topic Comments The Mutant Chronicles
Very good tale Enjoyable movie. 7 Years ago by Minc

great Movie. Topic Comments Never Cry Werewolf
Its a great movie but then again im a sucker for a Lycanthrope Movie. 7 Years ago by Minc

worth it. Topic Comments The Love Guru
worth the watch its a funny movie need a laugh watch it. 7 Years ago by Minc

umm. Topic Comments Breathing Room
alot like saw but an ok film. 7 Years ago by Minc

great movie. Topic Comments How To Rob A Bank
Good movie about bank robbery worth the watch Enjoyable. 7 Years ago by Minc

Good. Topic Comments War Of The Worlds 2: The Next Wave
Worth the watch. 7 Years ago by Minc

Ok. Topic Comments P2 Movie
it was a good movie i'd say action thriller not much of a horror. Enjoyable. 7 Years ago by Minc

Good. Topic Comments Boogeyman 2
Not as well done as the first but still a good movie, Enjoyable. 7 Years ago by Minc

Wow. Topic Comments I Am Legend
loved this movie been a fan of will smith for years. Movies great watch it. 7 Years ago by Minc

good film. Topic Comments The Eye
Good movie enjoyable horror fans will like it really worth the watch. 7 Years ago by Minc

it was ok. Topic Comments One Missed Call
worth the watch enjoyable. 7 Years ago by Minc

umm. Topic Comments Dark Floors
ok first off i would like to say that after i watched the movie i was just a little confused but.. 7 Years ago by Minc

Funny.. Topic Comments You Don't Mess With The Zohan
Funny movie just what i expected from Adam.. great acting in this movie. Want a laugh watch it.. Entertaining.. 7 Years ago by Minc

ok. Topic Comments Witches' Night
Not.. a bad movie kould of used more story development but not bad. 7 Years ago by Minc

ok movie. Topic Comments The Incredible Hulk
liked it better then the last one, good story Hulk fans will love it And everyone will enjoy. 7 Years ago by Minc

Pretty Good. Topic Comments Hancock
movie was great love will smith Like the twist about the powers.. 7 Years ago by Minc

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The Legend of Drunken Master 5 4.5 7 Years
Prom Night 5 4 7 Years
The Mutant Chronicles 4 3.8 7 Years
Never Cry Werewolf 5 3.5 7 Years
The Love Guru 5 4 7 Years
Breathing Room 4 3.2 7 Years
How to Rob a Bank 5 4.1 7 Years
War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave 3 2.4 7 Years
P2 movie 4 4 7 Years
Boogeyman 2 4 4 7 Years

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