Fifty Shades of Grey Movie 7.5/10
(305 votes)

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2015 Feb.
Fifty Shades of Grey
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Movie 7.2/10
(72 votes)

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2015 Feb.
Hot Tub Time Machine 2
Get Hard Movie 7.2/10
(205 votes)

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2915 Mar.
Get Hard
Insurgent Movie 7.6/10
(175 votes)

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2015 Mar.
The Gunman(2015) Movie 7.2/10
(65 votes)

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2015 Mar.
The Gunman(2015)
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  30 Last Posts / Comments :
My Science Project. Topic Comments My Science Project
I love this movie, its better than wierd science by far. five stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Blood Moon Rising. Topic Comments Blood Moon Rising
This looks like a homemade movie from the sixties, its terrible. one star. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Transylmania. Topic Comments Transylmania
This was just poorly done, it had its funny moments but mostly it was annoying. One star. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Ghost Machine. Topic Comments Ghost Machine
I don't mind saying that this movie is boring. Nothing about it was the least bit interesting. One star. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Devilman. Topic Comments Devilman
This is a typical japanese movie, Very pretty special effects, And terrible storyline and plot. One star. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

The Ghost of Flight 401. Topic Comments The Ghost Of Flight 401
Sorry to say, This movie is terrible. It was as boring as watching 70's television. One star. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Ghostwatch. Topic Comments Ghostwatch
I really enjoyed this movie. Its by no means a true documentary, And the actors didnt take their parts seriously enough, But this would make an excellent feature film, If it were done properly. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Ghost Rig. Topic Comments Ghost Rig
I couldnt tell you one thing about the movie i just watched, but it bored me. One star. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

The Dream Team. Topic Comments The Dream Team
If you have ever worked at, Or been a resident of a mental institution, You may find this movie extremely funny. Five stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

The DEAD Shall Walk! Topic Comments Zombi 2
Hehe I love your comment. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

An American Haunting. Topic Comments An American Haunting
I enjoyed this movie, four stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Stay Alive. Topic Comments Stay Alive
This was a good movie, The ending wasnt hard to understand at all. five stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Moon 44. Topic Comments Moon 44
This is an old favorite of mine, nothing special about the movie really, just a trip down memory lane. five stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Evilution. Topic Comments Evilution
This is a decent enough movie, clearly B rated, but still worth watching. four stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Hot Tub Time Machine. Topic Comments Hot Tub Time Machine
It's rare that i enjoy a comedy, But this movie is great. I give it five stars, Your gonna love it. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Escape from New York. Topic Comments Escape From New York
Escape from New York is one of my all time favorite movies. five stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Growth. Topic Comments Growth
This movie did remind me of slither so far as the creature effects. But it didnt have the humor that slither had. Anyway i still give it five stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Meteor Apocalypse. Topic Comments Meteor Apocalypse
I liked this movie, it wasnt cheesy or boring. five stars. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

Zombie Town. Topic Comments Zombie Town
This was just bad. One star. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

The Cursed (2010) Topic Comments The Cursed (2010)
I'm not easily bored, But this movie managed to do it. Two stars, for a severe lack of action. 7 Years ago by eyerobot

  10 Last Updated Playlists :
Playlist : Rating : Movies : Date :
Eyerobot's Favorites! 1.75 398 8 Years

  10 Recent Visited Movies :
Movie : Date :
The Dead Matter 6 Years
The Eclipse 6 Years
Zombies Unleashed 6 Years
My Soul to Take 6 Years
Paranormal Activity 2 6 Years
Let Me In 6 Years

  10 Latest Ratings :
Movie : Your Rating : Community Rating : Rate Date :
My Science Project 5 3.9 7 Years
Solomon Kane 4 4.3 7 Years
Blood Moon Rising 1 3.6 7 Years
Transylmania 1 3.5 7 Years
Devilman 2 3.9 7 Years
The Ghost of Flight 401 1 3.2 7 Years
Ghostwatch 4 3 7 Years
Ghost Rig 1 3 7 Years
The Reaping 5 4.2 7 Years
House of the Dead 5 2.9 7 Years

  10 Recent Movies Reports :
Movie : Title : Date :
The Haunting in Connecticut The Haunting in Connecticut" Report. 7 Years
Dead Men Walk Dead Men Walk. 7 Years
The Hurt Locker bad link. 7 Years
The Craft the craft. 7 Years
Explorers explorers. 8 Years
Mulan mulan veoh link is a gay porn. 8 Years
City of Life and Death city of life and death. 8 Years
Marvel 24 marvel24. 8 Years
Alien Zone alien zone. 8 Years
The Changeling (1980) the changeling 1980. 8 Years
Vampires vampires. 8 Years

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