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Watch The Prophecy: Forsaken Online "Watch The Prophecy: Forsaken"
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Release: 2005 September
Length: 1H., 15 min.
Views: 25091
Rate: 74%
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current rating: 7.4/10 (57 votes)

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Watch Prophecyforsaken Description :
Allison, the new guardian to the ancient manuscript, continues to try to protect it from another group of renegade angels bent on bringing on the end of the world.
Watch The Prophecy: Forsaken Tags :
Angel,   Antichrist,   Assassin,   Fall From Height,   Female Nudity,   Flashback,   Groin Kick,   Holy War,   Neck Breaking Scene,   Romania,   Shot Through The Mouth,   Stabbing,   Unholy Book,  

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  The Prophecy: Forsaken Comments :

7 Years ago
470 posts
The Prophecy: Forsaken
The Prophecy: Forsaken. Interesting. worth a one time watch. 2/5

quick reply! | 1 replies

7 Years ago
799 posts
i agree with you !

7 Years ago
339 posts
Prophecy: Forsaken
this was o.k..but rather disappointing.

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
131 posts
Well religion is the greatest horror story ever written so I guess that is why so many writers use it for fodder for B rated garbage like this. Want to see what will really cause Armageddon? I have a feeling the movie "End of the Line" comes a lot closer to the truth.

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8 Years ago
173 posts
Pretty Cool
You should watch it

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
47 posts
theres like one comment on heres thats about the movie :) noone is right or wrong in what the believe..

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9 Years ago
166 posts
The Prophecy: Forsaken
Really good movie.. 5/5*

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
20 posts
Heaven And Hell
lol, if they do exist who would want to go to heaven, all the funnest stuff in life sends u to hell, so imagine how dull heaven would be. though i believe in neither. is hard to believe some imaginary person slapped his hands together and did an I Dream of Jeannie wink and we are.

the first movie was much better, Viggo with a mouth full of blood rocked.

quick reply! | 0 replies

10 Years ago
369 posts
That Portion Of After Effect Of Armageddon Did Come To My Mind..
A lot of these Hollywood films portray Armageddon as a bad thing.. the end of mankind.. but even in my own religion, Hinduism.. its mentioned as an end to start a very new beginning. Just the though of death.. sickens people.. maybe death is a good thing.. a final rest and to be one with god..

The movie is alright.. but expected more action or involvement from my favorite character, Satan (Lucifer), but he didn't appear much in the film and that was a shear disappointment.

quick reply! | 5 replies

10 Years ago
46 posts
Is liking the devil part of your religion? I'm not bad mouthing you just wondering. He is the boogy man we are all taught to fear.

10 Years ago
369 posts
Sorry RannFox, I don't have to fear the Bible Character SATAN, as I do not believe he exist,as I don't believe EVIL exist or Good, for the matter! Novels and movies portray him to be a very cool character and with him there.. the stories usually take an interesting twist and thats nice to read or watch. 'There is NO such thing as a Sin or Evil or Devil in my religion. Because, the reality is, whats evil to you (in your environment) maybe considered to alright or even good for another (who belongs to a different or even the same environment). Its all according to different individuals. Therefore, to me, the real devil is within all of us and so is God (since according to your bible, we are created in his image..).. and its up to us to direct them based on our daily situations. And No, I am not offended by your question.

9 Years ago
105 posts
RannFox, what religion are you? I'm not bad mouthing you. I'm just wondering because both Christian, and Catholic faith, along with the Bible tell us that the world will come to an end, it also teaches us that Angels do battle with demons (hell's minions) all of the time to protect us, so why would you think that dhana has a hard-on for the Devil just because the persona portrayed is one that makes for an interesting charater?
I too enjoyed the Devil in the first movie, even though it was a small part, because he added some spice to the plot and went a bit out of the box with the whole idea that sometimes good and evil have to work together. I think the concept borders on the hope that even the worst person has at least one spark off good in them.
Also, the Devil is not the "Boogyman", and we are all not taught to fear it. I'm Catholic so I don't fear the Devil. I have no fear of anything that fears God's word, or the power of Christ.

9 Years ago
83 posts
same here and also i dunno if im right but i believe the hell we all portrait is here already is life it self and that heaven to be waiting for must be the rest after you die lol

9 Years ago
83 posts
doesnt matter whether you wanna believe or not to me this was just crap and SATAN is not the devil you guys are misunderstanding satan is not even a name its an occupation its hebrew for the accuser satan is just a fallen angel he was banned from heaven cause he defied god and did not wanna bow to creatures lower then him(us humans) so pride made him and the angles behind him fallen and wonder the earth till judgment day the devil is mainly from Chinese mythology and it runs under another name satan is no1 in hell i dont knwo where does hollywood keep getting this kind of image do they even read before creating a movie?

9 Years ago
279 posts
Just Personal Opinion..
We are all taught different things about why we are here, who created us, or that we either "popped" up from apes, crawled out of the ocean as a piece of slime, particle of dust aimlessly drifting ,so on and so forth..
So given those choices I think I choose being created by a higher being, so to speak, over being considered a talking monkey, slippery slime or dust particles from a bursted star. Call it vanity if you like. HA! But, like I said, just a personal opinion.
The Prophecy:Forsaken.. what can I say? HMmm..
It was ok but that's about as much of a compliment I think I'm going to give it. Probably would've been a WHOLE lot better had Christopher Walken been in it! LOL! Picture quality was good and audio too. I give this movie 2/5 goldies. I would have given it more except I feel they totally strayed away from the first. Should have followed the story line. I would have like it better if they had. : )

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9 Years ago
30 posts
A Colossal Disappointment
The original Prophecy movie with Viggo Mortenson and Christoper Walken was a MUCH better movie! If this movie was trying to be a Part II it failed miserably as it didn't connect to the orginal story in any major, let alone interesting way.Who she is really gave ample opportunity for major story telling that they allowed to slip right by. I also think that Viggo made a much more convincing Satan.

The audio and video were good but at the end of part 2 the player kept hanging up which was frustrating

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9 Years ago
80 posts
Don't Make Anymore
They should've stopped at the first movie because the sequels have been awful!!

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
22 posts
This movie was ok, wont watch it again and would not watch it in the first place if i could change that.

For the God, Devil topic:
If god exist im here for his amusement and im not sure if i like that and the devil probably sucks to.

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
29 posts
Rage Of The Pheonix
not bad - again still hollywoods chopped up the parts of a book which they think made a good flick. perhaps if the standardisation of movies wasnt as short as they, they would probably make better watching. No christopher walken but all and all i give it ** 5 only coz it continued where they left pyriel. however there was no mention of the serifin - of the last phrophecy movie which was dissapointing.

quick reply! | 0 replies

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