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26 - 27 June
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Watch The Cellar Door Online "Watch The Cellar Door"
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Release: 2007 year
Length: --
Views: 19460
Rate: 75%
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current rating: 7.5/10 (299 votes)

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Watch Cellardoor Description :
The girl next door, having coffee, lunch with a friend, shopping, unaware she is becoming an obsession...
Watch The Cellar Door Tags :
2007,   Beaten To Death,   Blood,   Cage,   Cellar,   Escape,   Head Wound,   Horror,   Jehovah,   Mannequin,   Missing Person,   Nail,   Stabbed In Stomach,   Strangulation,   Supermarket,   Tampon,   Thriller,  

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  The Cellar Door Comments :

7 Years ago
105 posts
The Celler
Or an episode of Ghost Whisperer? I haven't decided.

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7 Years ago
513 posts
The Cellar Door
ok, gorey movie, worth a watch

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7 Years ago
270 posts
The Cellar Door.
I found this film very boring.

quick reply! | 1 replies

7 Years ago
Autumn Rayne
975 posts
me too-low budget-bad acting..and not unique at all..really tired storylline 2/10

8 Years ago
434 posts
The Cellar Door
This is a pretty darn good flick. Don't pay any mind to the negative comments, watch and enjoy.
9/10 stars

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
123 posts
"The Cellar Door"
Nothing Special! Nothing great! Watch only if you are bored and have nothing else to do!

2/5 Stars!

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
503 posts
Pretty Good Movie
fora "B" rated slasher movie, lots of blood, intense thriller 4/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
223 posts
this was ok for a serial/slasher flick 3/5 loved the ending[evil grin]

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
Domino Black
45 posts
The Cellar Door
If the movie had some character development I probably would have enjoyed it a little more.
I really didn't care what happened to the girl.. if she lived or died or whatever.. the movie didn't give me a reason too and it was rather boring up until the last 15 mins.
I actually felt more for her friend.
2/5 for a 1 time watch if you're bored.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
20 posts
it was a ok film worth the watch although a little fake

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
42 posts
hmm not to bad..i probably wouldnt ever watch it again. But it was pretty good. Good for a bored one time watch thing. But it wasnt scary ..just wel hmm idk. 2.5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
40 posts
could have been a better story line, better actors and a better director this could have been a really good movie. 2/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
blue butterfly
58 posts
The Cellar Door
Booring! So so boring.
It just dragged on and on and the only action/good bit was in the last 5 minutes.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
28 posts

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
24 posts
The Cheese Door
was quite good to start with, thought it was going to be nice and creepy, then it turned into a crap, cheesy, badly acted not scary at all junk movie.
really not worth the time after the first 15 minutes. as if anyone locked in a box in a cellar would act like she did.
his character could definitely have been developed more, you could sort of the see the whole "just wants to be loved mummy probably abused him therefore hes gone potty in the head" angle for a second, then it just dissappeared into the cheese.
really not worth it.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
48 posts
Not my type sorry..2/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
11 posts
Very Cool
this movie is very is very good! the lead lady is a real doll! its another sicko kidnap torture type movie and one of the better ones. a must watch! 5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
126 posts
Creepy, But Good
This movie isnt exactly a horror, but it is a good thriller..keeps you on your toes and I never would've expected certain parts, but overall its a very watchable movie.

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8 Years ago
31 posts
The best part of the whole movie was the blood soaked wedding dress. Class.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
100 posts
Cellar Door
4/5 really enjoyed this one..but I am left with just one question.
I wonder what brand of makeup that chick uses bc it stayed on thru her entire stay with him, which had to be at very least a week! It stayed put after sleeping, crying, being hosed down, etc.

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8 Years ago
68 posts
The Cellar Door
Just an OK movies. One time watch

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
237 posts
WOW Now That Was Retarded!!
That's all I got to say about that.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
30 posts
that was the best comedy iv seen in a long time,

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
19 posts
Not To Bad
for a low budget movie not to bad good one time watch

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
5 posts
It Waz Iight
it waz an ok movie i lyked how at tymes they mad it realistic but then there were those dumb moments were it waz so unrealistic but anyway i give it a 3/5 ppl hyped it up a little 2 much

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
180 posts
OK if your bored. 3.4/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
117 posts
well it was ok i guess,just think that the guy was a real disgusting freak!~

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
206 posts
Now Thats Good
wow was this a good movie..wonder if this was a true story it reminds me of something i saw once.. a must see for sure..5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
102 posts
The Cellar Door
2/5 Reminds me of "REST STOP"

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
10 posts
The Cellar Door
My b/f and i take turns picking out movies to watch. I picked this one and it was a good pick ,but i get so tired of screaming at the dumb screen. Why are people always so dumb in scary movies??

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
346 posts
Good Movie!
all I can say is .. damn!

quick reply! | 0 replies

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