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Watch Rise of the Footsoldier Online Free , download Riseoffootsoldier :
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Year: 12 /11 /10 /09

  Home Rise Of The Footsoldier

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Watch Rise of the Footsoldier Online "Watch Rise of the Footsoldier"
Genre: Action
Release: 2007 September
Length: --
Views: 250705
Rate: 90%
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current rating: 9/10 (1217 votes)

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Watch Riseoffootsoldier Description :
Rise of the Footsoldier follows the inexorable rise of Carlton Leach from one of the most feared generals...
Watch Rise of the Footsoldier Tags :
Axe,   Baby,   Baseball Bat,   Beaten Up,   Bigotry,   Blow Job,   Car On Fire,   Cockney,   Criminal,   Disco,   Divorce,   Dog,   Drugs,   Drug Use,   Essex England,   Ethnic Slur,   Extreme Violence,   Female Frontal Nudity,   Female Nudity,   Gangland Style Murder,  more..

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  Rise of the Footsoldier Comments :

2 Years ago
892 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldier
Great movie I liked it a lot found it very interesting.

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3 Years ago
386 posts
Rise Of The Foot Soldier
absolutely loved this movie i was glued to it the whole way through iv also read the books

quick reply! | 0 replies

4 Years ago
2483 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldier
Good movie..but bonded in blood was better.i.m.o

quick reply! | 1 replies

3 Years ago
386 posts
iv just bought that bonded by blood and i really enjoyed rise of the foot soldier so think i might watch that this aft hopefully your right :)

4 Years ago
FuLhAm bOY91
3904 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldier
great film 5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

4 Years ago
1285 posts
Pretty Harsh Movie!
Harsh but good movie. The actor playing Cartlon Leech (Ricci Harnett) needed to be alot bigger as the real Leech is huge. I found this made the movie less convincing since Harnett is so small in physique.

quick reply! | 0 replies

4 Years ago
13348 posts
Wow !!
amazing loved it from start to finish ! 9.5/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

4 Years ago
92 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldier

quick reply! | 0 replies

4 Years ago
164 posts
Was Awright
not the best not the worst still these brit flicks..are a lot more reality then the us gang/bang hero shiat around..:)

so good on yas

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
20 posts
Superb!! Makes you wonder what goes on in todays real world.

quick reply! | 1 replies

4 Years ago
14 posts
A CLASSIC!! nice movie if you cant understand it is cause it based on british slang and it has a essex accent love this one my favourite

4 Years ago
No Biggie
71 posts
Very good British Gangster movie 5/5.

quick reply! | 0 replies

4 Years ago
277 posts
Rise Ot The Footsoldier
3 words comes to mind when watching this - Bloody, Mayhem, Ruthless.
Yup its that good.

quick reply! | 0 replies

4 Years ago
705 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldier
From being a true story,reading the reviews thought that this would be up to par.
It was an interesting and an educational watch.
Apart from the domestic violence,it was a decent watch.

quick reply! | 0 replies

4 Years ago
76 posts
Quite Violent
absolutley loved it..superb acting..hardcore violence,scared the sht out of me.9/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
2300 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldier
I quite enjoyed this movie, I guess because it is loosely based on true events. Give it a try, it is worth it.

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
32 posts
Come On The Hammers
u dont mess with westham fans lol,,not a bad film, definatly worth a watch

if you like this then try football factory,i d,the firm,cass or green street 1 & 2

quick reply! | 1 replies

5 Years ago
Dread Pirate Robert
3763 posts
Of all the movies you listed only The Firm is worth watching. In my opinion of course.

5 Years ago
245 posts
people that are saying that you cant understand it then you aint from england or your not from essex, i can understand it cos im from essex. this is a true based story that happened in essex and they still aint found the people that killed the essex boys but 2 people was arrest for killing them but there not really sure if it was those 2 people that did it. this is one of the best films ever and if you like this you will like the film "essex boys"

quick reply! | 1 replies

5 Years ago
Dread Pirate Robert
3763 posts
Well I rather enjoyed this movie and thought Essex Boys was total crap.

5 Years ago
574 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldier
Fantastic movie based on true events. Excellent, must see, I will give 9/10.

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
814 posts
Loved this film!! Not only about football - soccer for us Yanks ;) - but gang/mafia and the drug world. I REALLY enjoyed this picture - and would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys mob-type, action, and a bit of mystery. The fact that the plot is based upon actual events it a bonus! 4.5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
59 posts
ye well worth a watch 5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
625 posts
good movie

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
28 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldier
I saw this film when i was younger and didnt really understand it but now ive watched it again i understood and i loved it, Its similar to essex boys.

Great Film 5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
326 posts
Rise Of The Foot Soldier
Good movie, perfect cast for the film.

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
169 posts
hooligans is way better way way way better

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
235 posts
bloody brilliant mate

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
British - Mat - Stoner
6238 posts
Rise Of The Footsoldiers
will always be a legend film!!

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
4481 posts
Worth A Watch

The violence is very convincing in places that it had me squirming a little.
Fascinating movie.
One of the better English gangster films I've seen.

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
226 posts
Top Notch
What an excellent movie 10/10 for sure.Good acting and a real life story told very well.

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
65 posts
Rise Of The Foot Soldier
This film was seriously "ARD" - Good acting, directing, and great make-up for gorey stuff. True stories are always the best.
I'd never heard of it until this site, God bless this site..

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
107 posts
Rise Otfs
proper top english film

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
54 posts
this film is absolutely fantastic 11/10 seen it many times and for those saying they could not understand what he was saying i take it your not english but all you have to do is listen and use your common sense and i like the way they use real footage

quick reply! | 0 replies

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