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31 - 01 September
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Watch Omen III: The Final Conflict Online "Watch Omen III: The Final Conflict"
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Release: 1981 March
Length: 1H., 48 min.
Views: 21181
Rate: 81%
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current rating: 8.1/10 (134 votes)

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Watch Omen III: The Final Conflict Description :
The now adult Antichrist plots to eliminate his future divine opponent while a cabal of monks plot to stop him.
Watch Omen III: The Final Conflict Tags :
1981,   666,   Anal Rape,   Animal Like,   Antichrist,   Apocalypse,   Atrocity,   Baby,   Blood,   Christianity,   Christian Horror,   Conspiracy,   Dagger,   Dead Child,   Death Of Child,   Demon,   Devil,   Disturbing,   Dog,   Don Gordon,  more..

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  Omen III: The Final Conflict Comments :

4 Years ago
15066 posts
Omen II: The Final Conflict
Its good but i thought it had premature ending, would have love to see him go far in his conquest for political power. anyway worth the time. 4/5

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7 Years ago
73 posts
Continued from the 2nd.Omen..!!
The 3rd. Omen..!! This time around the devil's , has to stop or rather.
Well it is for the better..!!
They got to have a newer devil's to keep pace with the new age of modernity.!!

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7 Years ago
339 posts
Omen II: The Final Conflict
i thought it was's the kind of movie that makes you think, some. excellent. 5/5

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7 Years ago
167 posts
Damn, this movie is boring. It was hard to stay awake. A shame. This is a far cry from the first one. That was was a masterpiece..

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7 Years ago
765 posts
Major Letdown!
Skip it! Very weak.

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
36 posts
Could Have Been So Much More. Sigh
Compared to the first two movies, this one to me was overly disappointing. Firstly they should have got back Richard Donner who directed the original Omen to direct this one. Secondly This movie could have been an epic, the ultimate battle of good Vs evil etc, but the movie and especially the ending is a major major letdown and feels rushed and
which is pure comedy rather than psychological Horror 2.1/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
668 posts
Great Movie
This whole series is great five stars.

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8 Years ago
146 posts
Good 3rd Movie, Brings The Saga Full-circle
I like Sam Neill and he did a good job in this role even though it's not the best of movies.

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9 Years ago
489 posts
Omen II: The Final Conflict
Very good movie.

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9 Years ago
156 posts
Its Ok
Its definately worth a watch if you have seen the first couple of installments

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
35 posts
worth a watch,was scary when released and has stood the test of time.i rate 3.5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
21 posts
better than the book..

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
2747 posts
SO-SO. 3/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

10 Years ago
730 posts
2 Stars Only
Its not soo good as the first or the second
Even though they were old they were a bit more scarier

quick reply! | 2 replies

9 Years ago
nothing but horror
261 posts
i agree

9 Years ago
2880 posts
Ya you are right its alright but Omen 1 and 2 were better

9 Years ago
1204 posts

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9 Years ago
82 posts
The Omen II: Final Conflict
Yo, this movie was the bomb! I have seen many version of this movie but this last per say was very spiritual and thousands of Americans saw it as ministry. I loved it and really am glad that after a much needed nap, I went back and watch every bit of the movie! For once I can TUDOU did me right and played the movie all the way through without all of the buffering it usual does!

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9 Years ago
109 posts
Damien Thorn (Sam Neill) is appointed Ambassador to the Court of St. James, the same position his adoptive father held in the first film in the Omen cycle. Unlike the two incarnations of Damien portrayed in previous Omen films, the adult Damien is entirely aware of his unholy lineage, and his destiny.

An alignment of the stars in the Cassiopeia region of the night sky (the traditional location of the stellar signal of the Second Coming) causes the creation of a super "star", described in the film as a second Star of Bethlehem.

Thorn realizes it is a sign of the Second Coming of Christ and he orders all male children in England born on the morning of March 24, 1981 (the morning when, in the story, the Cassiopeia alignment occurred) to be killed in order to prevent the Christ-child's return to power, as predicted in the Book of Revelation.

Thorn has also become involved with journalist Kate Reynolds (Lisa Harrow), a complex relationship which undermines his plans to dominate the world. Damien also focuses his attention on her pre-teenaged son Peter (Barnaby Holm), whom he takes as a disciple.

Meanwhile, Father DeCarlo (Rossano Brazzi) and six other priests armed with the seven knives of Meggido - ancient holy weapons which are the only earthly weapons which can harm the Antichrist - hunt Thorn in the hope of killing him before he can destroy the "Christ child." However, one by one all the priests die until only DeCarlo survives.

Finally, in spite of Thorn's efforts, DeCarlo informs Reynolds that the Christ-child is "out of his reach" (a title card at the end quotes a passage from the Bible, saying that Christ's second coming will not be as a child, but as an adult) but that nonetheless, the task still remains to destroy Damien. In a final act of evil, Damien uses Reynolds son--now slavishly devoted to Damien--as a human shield against DeCarlo's dagger. As Peter lies dying, Damien tries to strangle Father DeCarlo to death. In a desperate bid to salvage his waning power, Damien calls out for Christ to appear before him. As he does this, Kate Reynolds steals behind Damien, stabbing him in the back with the knife. Christ appears in a flash before a dying Damien, who tells the vision "you have won nothing".

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