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24 - 25 September
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Watch Moonwalker Online "Watch Moonwalker"
Genre: Action / Fantasy / Crime / Music / Sci-Fi
Release: 1988 November
Length: 1H., 33 min.
Views: 15310
Rate: 92%
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current rating: 9.2/10 (662 votes)

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Watch Moonwalker Description :
A combination of live footage of 'Michael Jackson' in concert, as well as a series of fantasy pieces with Jackson as the central character.
Watch Moonwalker Tags :
Actor Shares First Name With C,   Concert,   Dance,   Entertainer,   Independent Film,   Jerry Kramer,   Jim Blashfield,   Joe Pesci,   Michael Jackson,   Mick Jagger,   Moonwalk Dancing,   Music Video,   Parody,   Part Animated,   Part Computer Animation,   Part Stop Motion,   Semi Autobiographical,   Singer,   Surrealism,  

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  Moonwalker Comments :

7 Years ago
52 posts
Good Music
I liked the music the movie was very random. It was just music videos and MJ is amazing. 7/10!

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7 Years ago
27 posts
20 Years Later
I'm not sure if I like it more now or at age 11. My children had the pleasure of watching it for the first time. Mr. Jackson is the originator on so many levels. Can't wait to let the children play the video game when it comes available for download on the Wii. Well worth watching.

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8 Years ago
81 posts
Loved it when I seen it in the early 90's and love it even more now. R.I.P

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8 Years ago
399 posts
Horriyfingly Awful
This movie (if you can call it that) is horrible! For the first 20 minutes, we get nothing but a huge ego trip from Michael Jackson, showing him singing..and singing..and singing. It becomes so redundant, despite the showing of him singing in various mediums. The actual "story" is tedious and rarely makes sense. It rips off so many movies, this could've worked as a spoof, if it were funny, that is. You do so many double takes because of the "WTF Moments" in this movie that you'll probably get neck pains. The only redeemable scene is the "Smooth Criminal" one. That scene blows you away with the choreography and the singing, and makes this film worthy of seeing (although I'd just skip to that part). Simply put, it's awesome. A couple quick questions: Why is Joe Pesci in this and where do the kids disappear to in the end? Michael should've stuck to his singing and not worried about launching this sordid pile of garbage. On a lighter note, I will always miss Michael. Not for the schlock he pulled out in the two films he starred in, but for his music (of course).

1 star out of 4

quick reply! | 3 replies

8 Years ago
33 posts
this move was and is awsome. M.J. was great and somepeople, like you, just hate cause you can't do 1/5 of what he could. the story don't have to make sense it was M.J. and it was great. then and NOW!!

8 Years ago
399 posts
Alright. I know I can't do 1/5 or any of the stuff Michael could. I don't think you could either! Michael was awesome in his own right. His videos always seemed to rock and they were always amazing us in some way. However, this "movie" is a disgrace. Yes, the story SHOULD make sense! IT'S A MOVIE!! I'll admit, I was kinda excited when I first heard about this movie. I was a little disappointed that it didn't get a U.S. release in theatres, but when I rented it, I got my reason why it wasn't. Michael was, is, and always will be a fantastic singer, a spellbinding choreographer, and an awesome performer, but this movie doesn't do him justice. It's putrid. It's stinking. It's awful. IT SUCKS!! The only redeeming moment is "Smooth Criminal" scene. That actually relaxes the pains of watching this movie. ends and the pains come back.

8 Years ago
72 posts
Moonwalker wasn't so much a movie as a short story. It would never have been released in cinemas because it only goes for 20 minutes. The rest of is films clips which have nothing to do with the story line. Back in the day it was huge. It was just a bit of fun. Interesting to see Joe Pesci in it though. p.s. did u see The Wiz?

8 Years ago
70 posts

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8 Years ago
36 posts
Michael Jackson
remember live in bucharest that was phenomenal hes the greatest i own moonwalker on dvd its brilliant

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8 Years ago
33 posts
??king Of Pop??
i'm sorry its more like the king of music. he was a great man and a great artist. not just pop music! i don't care what people say he was the-------!! no one will ever match his ability to write, sing, dance, act or sell records! have any of you ever seen one of his concerts live? the most amazing thing you could ever be a part of.

edited  Posted 8 Years ago
by area814

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8 Years ago
125 posts
Michael Is My Angel .. And Love This Movie ..
R.I.P King of Pop x - Love You Always and Forever.

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8 Years ago
24 posts
Woow my grandma tells me I used to watch this like 3 times a day when I was 3 and 4 years old. lol.

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8 Years ago
72 posts
R.I.P. Michael
Unmistakingly Michael.. I grew up in the late 70's early 80's, music was a big part of my lfe from Culture Club to Maddona to Cyndi Lauper and of course Michael Jackson (Thriller was my first LP). Three words can sum up Michael Jackson.. Superstar, Legend, Inspiration. Michael was the ultimate Peter Pan. You will be sorely missed. Love and respect.

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8 Years ago
32 posts
hands down!!

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8 Years ago
21 posts
R.I.P MJ.. u will b missed

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8 Years ago
58 posts
RIP King Of Pop
How could you not be a fan of Michael Jackson. He has written so many great song throughout his life. Rest In Peace..

quick reply! | 1 replies

8 Years ago
56 posts
i agree he was great!

8 Years ago
26 posts
r.i.p. Michael Jackson ..king of pop..u will be missed.

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8 Years ago
3 posts
Michael Jackson
U will always be remembered. R.I.P King of Pop x

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8 Years ago
13 posts
King Of Pop
Despite any allegations against you, the music you made transcended race and will be missed for that..

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8 Years ago
204 posts
Rest In Peace
we'll always love you are a truly legend of music
that's why they called you '' KING OF POP '', ''KING OF ROCK N ROLL'' AND ''KING OF SOUL''

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
323 posts
Classic Michael
He will be missed. Michael's great talent made history in our time. Truly a leader in music, an original. RIP

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8 Years ago
38 posts
R.I.P. Michael Jackson!
Never been a huge fan but give respect where is due. R.I.P. King of pop!

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9 Years ago
96 posts
Thats Micheal!!

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
85 posts
The creme de la creme of all Michael Jackson videos. 5 stars.

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10 Years ago
333 posts
A Legend
Michael Jackson is the man!

quick reply! | 1 replies

9 Years ago
493 posts
I agree. Michael Jackson earned his title, "The King of Pop."

9 Years ago
158 posts
Love this movie omgg..i love mike that's my boo.. ;0

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