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Watch Histeria Online "Watch Histeria"
Genre: Horror
Category: Asian Horror 
Release: 2008 December
Length: 1H., 30 min.
Views: 0
Rate: 75%
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current rating: 7.5/10 (43 votes)

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Watch Histeria Description :
Six female students are attending a supposedly haunted school. As part of a prank, they pretend to be hysterical and are so convincing, the school calls in a witch doctor to cure them. However, they soon find themselves faced with some truly mysterious occurrences and a series of grisly deaths that could either be caused by supernatural forces or by one of the girls themselves.
Watch Histeria Tags :
2008,   Blood,   Bullying,   Girls School,   Gore,   Murder,   One Word Title,   Rated R,  

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  Histeria Comments :

5 Years ago
121 posts
If only they explained more aboutthe folk demonology..

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5 Years ago
99 posts
I've seen better. But it wasn't too bad, kinda --- but worth the watch (at least once)3/5

please find other adjectives to express yourself...thank you!
 Posted 5 Years ago
by area814

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5 Years ago
93 posts
As normal, another great Asian horror! If you are into the more "screaming" or "jump out of your seat" styled films, you will enjoy this one even more. (Unfortunately, Im not like that, but I loved the film!)

If you use the You Tube link, there are actually 9 parts, not 8 that are shown. You can find all 9 on You Tube.

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5 Years ago
39 posts
Pretty Good
It wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't quite 5 star. I'll give it a 4 because it had everything required, except a stereotypical storyline.
Good one-time watch, perhaps a second watch in a few months. :)

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5 Years ago
AM Star
107 posts
Cool Flick
Like most Asian horror movies, this one took a while to get going. But once it did get going about half way through, it didn't let up. This was a pretty slick little flick I must say, and the ending tied up all the loose ends. These kind of movies make me feel dumb because I thought I knew who the demon was, but then it turned out it was the obvious choice in retrospect. The demon was a nasty little thing, and this movie had some good gore, too. Definitely worth one watch, maybe more. 7/10 stars.

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5 Years ago
154 posts
Histeria (Hysteria)
This movie was not bad for a one time watch. Its always good to watch foreign horror movies. It is subtitled in English. At least the youtube and zshare versions are. Give it a try if youre into crazy movies, lol..

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5 Years ago
128 posts

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5 Years ago
93 posts
Asian horror is always king! 9/10

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5 Years ago
1808 posts
not bad above avrege ghost story. 4/5

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5 Years ago
2300 posts
This was a good movie, ti had blood, and a touch of gore. Give a watch for yourself.

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5 Years ago
182 posts
well i liked it 9/10 if u know my tast i hate to read but this was a good watch

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5 Years ago
987 posts
looks like many others ghost stories about girls, revenge etc. good movie, i like it but honestly boring and a little bit slow. Not scary, not top-ten but watchable.

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