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Watch Goya's Ghosts Online "Watch Goya's Ghosts"
Genre: Drama
Category: Period Drama 
Release: 2006 November
Length: 1H., 54 min.
Views: 21516
Rate: 89%
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current rating: 8.9/10 (123 votes)

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Watch Goyasghosts Description :
Painter Francisco Goya faces a scandal involving his muse, who is labeled a heretic by a monk.
Watch Goya's Ghosts Tags :
Actor Playing Multiple Roles,   Actual Animal Killed,   Baby,   Baby Crying,   Bagpipe,   Bicorne,   Blow Out Candle,   Candelabra,   Candle Hat,   Cantor,   Character Name In Title,   Cheering Crowd,   Costume Drama,   Crucifix,   Deaf,   Dinner Bell,   Dog,   Driven Mad,   Dunce Cap,   Fall To Death,  more..

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  Goya's Ghosts Comments :

8 Years ago
134 posts
She had that face because of what she'd been through anyway ; the movie reminds me of how holy rollers came to be such bible bangers in the first place,Almost all of them have done something terrible in their past, or presently and still are really horrible people that are hiding who they really are by using the"good word" as a cloak, pointing out everyone else's flaws, just as most cops are the most crooked gang. It's sad how ones selfish thoughtless actions can destroy another's life completely; This movie, Braveheart , 300, and our constitution tells us that it's our job to stand up against injusice where I'm from they retired a cop before his time with pension before they had to fire him and have news publicity about the crooked cop and our cops already have a lot of scandals in the news, this particular cop is known for dealing and doing coke , 14 years ago I felt the power crooked cops have. I was 19, his 20 year old son got my 14 year old sister pregnant and my dad tried to press charges,and ended up having to pay 10,000 dollars to them and pay for her to be emancipated and now I have 22 speeding tickets, 9 driving with no license, 5 no insurance , some of the tickets came to me in the mail after a court date "so twisted" the best way to hurt someone is financially , there's more to the story yet i think that's enough for now, one day I will have enough guts to publish my story, one day I will be a man till then I''m just trying to make a minimum wage living with no license I just don't want any trouble, no fame, no waves, I don't have any DUI s, don't do drugs, I just want to have my license back and live a normal life.

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8 Years ago
374 posts
im afraid to say i was painting whilst watching the film or trying to watch it! but id give it a miss as there was nothing special about it so 2/5 stars.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
141 posts
I Loved This Film
This is a wonderful film. I would watch it again anytime.

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8 Years ago
628 posts
Awesome Movie To Watch Drunk
I know its supposed to be dramatic, sad and moving - but I just found it funny. Almost everytime someone spoke, stuff was knocked over, and a chicken was injured. So random.
I fell in love with Natalies brothers, they are so pretty, and they have amazing hair.
The ending is the best end to a movie ever. Completely lol-tastic.

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8 Years ago
213 posts
Goya's Ghost
wow the crap the catholic church got away with back then and then some..worth a watch 8/10

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9 Years ago
280 posts
Goya's Ghost!
Wow! It was brilliant and a nightmare at the same time. No wonder Goya's art is brutal. The things an average person had to go through back in the day are unimaginable. The actors did a wonderful job.

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9 Years ago
280 posts
Goya's Ghost
Liked the movie. Goya was the man..just goes to show you what could happen in a regime change..the fundamentalist are hard to get rid of. Be carful who you vote for. A vote for another neo con administration may lead to what happen in Goya's day.

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9 Years ago
23 posts
Watch This One
Wow was that an intense movie. Very well done. Depicted the evilness of christianity nicely lol. Big fan of Goya and this relates to his work very closely. I love how as the end credits roll they show his
, tied in perfectly. Hard to believe this was the man who painted The Milkmaid of Bordeaux. Great, great movie.

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9 Years ago
24 posts
New Source
can you please put a new source for this movie please!!??

quick reply! | 1 replies

9 Years ago
14 posts
I agree!

9 Years ago
32 posts
Javier Bardem
is fabulous - this film would have been so much better if that little fart natalie portman wasnt in it i actually couldnt stop laughing

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9 Years ago
310 posts
Gotta Be Careful What I Say But..
the RCC has not changed a whit. Good movie, great acting, very enjoyable.

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9 Years ago
123 posts
Glorious Goya
I love foreign flicks and this one is remarkable. Five stars in my book; love the ones with famed artists too; just not enough words to say about this; and the picture was excellent in quality. Finally a great movie from start to finish.

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9 Years ago
80 posts
intellectual movie

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9 Years ago
109 posts
Natalie Portman never ceases to amaze me, she is brilliant in this movie, especially as the old Ines. The cast is amazing, I loved Javier and Stellan. And holy sh*t, I didn't know Stellan was that freaking tall. He's huge! Any how, this movie is worth a watch, I give it five stars.

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10 Years ago
1085 posts
Goya's Ghosts
I enjoyed this movie. Wonderfully talented some great roles. Heartbreaking and sad throughout most of the movie.
I rated this movie 4 stars.

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10 Years ago
Movie Nit Finish
movie not in full

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10 Years ago
this player sucks, i try to download it and it wont even let me do that! GAY!

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