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24 - 25 August
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Watch Fish Tank Online "Watch Fish Tank"
Genre: Drama
Category: British Cinema 
Release: 2009 September
Length: 2H., 3 min.
Views: 0
Rate: 69%
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current rating: 6.9/10 (739 votes)

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Watch Fishtank Description :
Everything changes for 15yr old Mia when her mum brings home a new boyfriend.
Watch Fish Tank Tags :
2009,   Beautiful Woman,   British,   British Movie,   Dance,   Drama,   Ghetto,   London,   Mother Daughter Relationship,   Older Man Younger Woman,   Urination,  

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  Fish Tank Comments :

6 Years ago
36 posts
Gritty Movie
This film is just sad. Some people really have messed up families. And then we wonder why are kids the way they are today? The root of the issue is the household and then society. It's awful to see a parent and child having a relationship where they curse at each other and it's the norm. Seeing your mother having affairs, drinking and passing out, and the only affection she shows is the F word. It's just an unpleasant cycle. Children don't have respect for their parents and parents negligently raise their children.


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7 Years ago
77 posts
Hmm I don't know what to think, it sure isn't a feelgood movie xp
The end was like.. 'ow owkay', I prefer movies with a real ending but now it was strange.. I would rate it 5/10.

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7 Years ago
278 posts
sorry,but bein a brit,im a sucka for brit films.this was great.all staff owners in chavland,name thete dogs after cheap alcohol..tennents..,the girl reminded me off a girl i know..10/10

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7 Years ago
blue butterfly
58 posts
Fish Tank
This was a really good film.
But what a complete bunch of chavs,absolute plague of the uk! Especially those girls 'dancing' at the beginning.
But yes,good film,watch it!

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7 Years ago
628 posts
Its a waste of time.

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7 Years ago
23 posts
Fish Tank
This was very strange. In the beginning it seemed like it was going to be another teen drama movie with a lack of plot and no real point, but it did eventually develop a basic storyline but it still wasn't very good. I probably won't ever watch it again, nor will I reccomend it to anyone. 3/10.

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7 Years ago
369 posts
another fantastic british film following a teens turmoil as she self destructs. michael fassbender is brilliant as the mothers boyfriend-some of the scenes are geniunely is uncompromising in its disecting of the relationship of working class life between a single mother and daughter, that its hardhitting and close to home. one brilliant scene in the woods is so unsettling you are left with a deep sense of dread as you know something bads going to happen but you dont know what or when. a memorable film that is a must see and a perfect companion to "thirteen" the american movie that deals with similar themes. unmissable.

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7 Years ago
1321 posts
Fish Tank
it's deffinetely not something glamorous.
It is deep tho, and the way it was filmed made it somehow more real, you didn't think about the act, the movie it was all the story and how it didi end.

Even tho it was really depressing it was OKAY only that.

Worth a watch but just soo DEPRESSING, kinda i feel sick in my stomack movie, i should like my life!!

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7 Years ago
183 posts
Fish Tank
this is wat its like in some hoods in real life ive seen it.

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7 Years ago
36 posts
Fish Tank
Fish tank, a gritty, depressing potrayal of a 15 year old girl Mia living with her single mum and gobby little sister in a east london sink estate. Firstly, i was extremely uncomfortable with the paedo undertones in this film, but apart from that the film was ok. I enjoyed the soundtrack it had me bopping my head a few times. The OMG Moment was when
and i was thinking to myself, NO!! Don't let this movie go there!!

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7 Years ago
4161 posts
Fish Tank
Very moving film with a sad but realistic look at the social habits of people in council estates all over the uk,ireland and some of europe.well scripted,well cast and well shot.kinda shot like a documentery.the lead role played a great part and i reckon she has a good future in is hard living in the concrete jungle.9/10

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7 Years ago
265 posts
Fish Tank
Liked the movie, liked the story, liked the acting. I understand some people find this kinda movies boring, cause you like them or you dont. This movie was just a watch in the hard life of a 15 year old girl. Story wasn't very special, but it was very very realistic. Definitely worth a watch if you like these kinda movies. 4/5

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7 Years ago
428 posts
Fish Tank
not bad definaly drama cant get much more dramatic whoa some heavy stuff for a 15 year old

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7 Years ago
14 posts
Fish Tank
unless you are a gorilla or a donkey, you have to watch this! one of the most deep and briliant movies for many yrs now. pay attention and after the first 20 min, you'll find yourself very atteched to the film and the characters and will make you think about yourself as well.
don't give credit to the few dumb "bad" reviews, you'll lose a diamond

ps. all the actors were great, even the little sister of Mia.. it's amazing what brilliant actors they all were..

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7 Years ago
105 posts
Powerful And Poignant
This film is an almost unnervingly naturalistic look at a teen's life, in the council estate flats of Essex, England. The main character, Mia (through a fierce performance from Kate Jarvis) provides us a claustrophobic feel of growing up in a place where vulnerable but hard-nosed children are destined to repeat the mistakes of their neglected parents.

Director Andrea Arnold keeps the film grounded in a gritty realism by pulling performances that feels so raw and open that no one appears to be acting. The character development of the protagonist, Mia, is terrific. She allows us to see past her bravado to what she is thinking and it is both complicated and provocative. Her only interest is in dance, in which she is not all that good at, as she's prepares for an audition that she hopes will get her out of her grim Essex life. In the meantime, she finds herself intrigued by her mother's latest boyfriend, Connor (another terrific performance by Michael Fassbender), although she's not sure if it's as a father figure or something else entirely.

Some viewers might find the documentary-style bouncing camerawork a bit unnerving, but the crisp cinematography combined with Arnold's skillful direction gets us on Mia's side from the start; we experience every scene from her limited perspective, including telling glances and tiny observational details.

Overall, I enjoyed this film immensely. There is one more overtly frightening scene later which so intense that we're unable to breathe. At that point, we have no idea which direction it will go and feel as off-balance as the characters when things take such an unexpected turn. A powerful, poignant and beautiful film, I recommend this with 4 of 5 stars.

quick reply! | 4 replies

7 Years ago
203 posts
Did you not read 'Comments', you just wrote a review of the film which wasn't all entirely true to start with, and there was never a scene in this movie that was so 'intense' it left me 'unable to breath'! Lol, get a grip!

7 Years ago
335 posts
So, you didn't like the film?

7 Years ago
286 posts
More and more of these snarky personal attacks showing up. What is the point of being so nasty? Can we talk about films here in a civilized manner without ad hominem attacks?

7 Years ago
240 posts
jazzberry - you actually reviewed this well and made me understand better what I just watched - It has just been nominated for a lot of awards in Britain - and I agree there was one point where I went "oh sh**" there towards the end - a pretty good film all in all

7 Years ago
529 posts
A Top Twenty Movie
It's sad to see how many people didn't get it at all , they hated it and never got touched by its me this is one of the great movies of the year and I feel reassured by the fact that like all great gifts it's much better to share it with few.Also is more than evident that this kind of films are not suitable to an american audience just as much as Inglorious Basterds will never be to a british's great to be different sometime ,don't you think? 5/5

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7 Years ago
310 posts
Grim And Depressing.
Makes me real glad I'm getting older and that I grew up in decent circumstances and was raised by responsible people. Wow, what kids have to go through these days. I turned it off and found something more upbeat.

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7 Years ago
54 posts
Waste Of Time
This movie was a complete waste of my time. It made no sense. Do your self a favor and watch something else..

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7 Years ago
808 posts
Fish Tank
I was bored so I figured i'd give this movie a shot and It was ok.. Nothing special.. 2/5..

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7 Years ago
202 posts
I was a little disturbed towards the end because of the events. However, overall good film.I wish the would of shared the outcome of what she did with her life.3/5

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7 Years ago
27 posts
Wow, Some Kids Have Messed Up Lives
wow, great acting from the leads, especially the girl. it was a simple movie in terms of cinematography but very complex storyline emotionally. you empathise with Mia yet you want to scream at her at the same time. This movie def made me appreciate my mother, it gets me so angry when people have children that they don't want and treat them like crap. Parents aren't supposed to be selfish assholes. All they do is create more delinquents, and problems in the world. Loved the movie but the end left me hanging. I wish the writers would have told us more about what happened to Mia since we got so involved in her story. I hate when movies end like that! Gotta, admit though, amazing scene

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7 Years ago
134 posts
Ha ha WOW she needed like 10 good beatings, and she was just making herself look dumb as hell when she tried to dance
That guy should have knocked her the ***** out and then threw her in the river, and that------can't swim. I hate that girl for everything she did, she was trying harder than the man was to have sex with him, little slut, too bad her mother didn't still send her little keniving ass away, that was so sick and stupid when she pissed on that guys floor, what a complete idiot, that girl looked like a .. zombie too, like DAMMN

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"Offensive/Rude/Vulgar Content" Warning.
 Posted 7 Years ago
by n e m e s i s

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7 Years ago
133 posts
Fish Tank
I like simple movies like take a look into peoples lives sometimes is really informative and a bit uplifting. It just shows me why we should have more love for each other..5/5 i recommend the watch

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7 Years ago
203 posts
This film was more than just 'Simple', i think it deserves better credit then that.

7 Years ago
33 posts
Pretty Good
its realistic and exiting and the movie had even moments were i was just shocked, luved it!

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7 Years ago
83 posts
Fish Tank
a lot better than I thought it would be. 5/5

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7 Years ago
270 posts
Jamjah Says:
Excellent, bob on! 5/5
It's rare to get such realism in a film these days.

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7 Years ago
254 posts
Fish Tank
a good movie, very realistic. I don't know the actors, it was like watching the lives of my neighbors. 8/10

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7 Years ago
1285 posts
Who shot this? Did they use a hand held camera? The camera jumps around so much, I just can't stand it. Why do movie makers try to show us how bad others have it? I had a rough upbringing and did not turn out like this. Not for me at all. 0/5.

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7 Years ago
105 posts
it good i relly like it

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7 Years ago
40 posts
Its All Good..
i don't think i have anything to say but that its alright i guess..

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