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31 - 01 September
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Watch Finding Forrester Online "Watch Finding Forrester"
Genre: Drama
Release: 2001 April
Length: 2H., 16 min.
Views: 13916
Rate: 93%
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current rating: 9.3/10 (257 votes)

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Watch Findingforrester Description :
An afro-american teen writing prodigy finds a mentor in a reclusive author.
Watch Finding Forrester Tags :
Academic Fraud,   African American,   Age Difference,   Basketball,   Break In,   Brooklyn New York,   Brother Brother Relationship,   Catcher In The Rye,   Character Name In Title,   Child Prodigy,   F Muray Abraham,   Inner City,   Interracial Relationship,   Interracial Romance,   Matt Damon,   Mentor,   New York,   New York City,   New York Yankees,   Peer Pressure,  more..

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  Finding Forrester Comments :

7 Years ago
191 posts
Finding Forrester
I had to watch this film in my creative writing class last year. I had absolutely no interest in it, mainly because alot of the kids in my class didnt care about the movie and decided to talk instead. But one day we all actually decided to watch it and we were stunned. This movie is amazing. It's passionate and genius. I recommended to some of my friends as well.

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7 Years ago
281 posts
Finding Forrester
Great movie, I love it

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8 Years ago
283 posts
great movie nice to see fellow scotsman connery

sux last part had no sound tho

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8 Years ago
282 posts
i am a writer so of course i like this movie..but i am just a little played out on the stereotypes 4/5

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8 Years ago
149 posts
Finding Forrester
Love this movie 5/5
No sound on the last play though?? (but as i have seen it before was ok)

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8 Years ago
289 posts
still prefect

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8 Years ago
70 posts
REally Good
I loved this movie when it came out and its still good, thats traits of a good movie

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8 Years ago
67 posts
Finding Forrester"
One of my all time favourite films. how can anyone not find this compelling. A story for all time.. 10/10 Anyone who thinks this is (kinna boring) cant spell and desperatly needs to stop touching himself..

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8 Years ago
36 posts
Finding Forrester
One of the best movies ever made. One of my all time favorites for sure..5/5

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8 Years ago
219 posts
Great Movie
I saw this a number of times and it just keeps getting better each time..It's telling us all a moral of how we should be living our life and that if we see a good person trying hard and we can offer help, seen or unseen, we should do it..What everyone said here is right on the it and you will become a better person..

I hate cancer..

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8 Years ago
1285 posts
Great Movie, Don't Know How I Missed It.
The thing I like about Connery is that when he plays a role, you believe he is that person just like when Tom hanks does. That is real acting, not like Will Smith or Tom Cruise who are themselves with whatever role they play. Several lessons learned in this movie, as more than one person found themselves, not just Forrester. I knew Crawford was going to say and do what he did too, he is the anti in this movie. (Rogue from x-men does a great job too)

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8 Years ago
47 posts
Not Bad
Is it just me or was this movie just another way for Gus Van Sant to gain a quick buck? no offense i think Mr. Sant is a brilliant director. But this movie has the same themes as good will hunting(kinna boring ) .Maybe i'm only feeling this way coz i have to write an essay on Gus Van Sant and whether or not he is an auteur.

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8 Years ago
3571 posts
Finding Forrester
Sean Connery is awesome worth oscar.
5/5 Stars.

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8 Years ago
71 posts
Finding Forrester
great movie.. this movie is what actually got me into writing.. 5/5

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9 Years ago
145 posts
AWESOME, Inspiring Movie
When I first saw this movie years ago, I fell in love with it. Each time I watch it, I feel the way I did when I first saw it.

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9 Years ago
92 posts
i learned from this movie that socks are wrongfully badly designed, you should wear them inside out, think about it it makes perfect sense, so i have done that since 1999 and i was born in 84, peace, p.s great movie

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8 Years ago
524 posts
underwear and t-shirts too .

9 Years ago
15 posts
great movie will watch time and again

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9 Years ago
376 posts
"Finding Forrester"
This is one of those rare movies that will stand the test of is just
perfect, this is the 3rd watch for me..rated 5/5.

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9 Years ago
110 posts
Finding Forrester
I remember watching this movie when it first came out I enjoyed watching it then and still enjoying watching it now.10/10

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9 Years ago
109 posts
Finding Forrester
truly an inspiring movie, watch it

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9 Years ago
93 posts
15 Watchable Parts !!
impatiently awaitin' 16

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9 Years ago
54 posts
Great Movie
I agree with the others who think this is a fabulous movie. It really gives you something to think about..

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9 Years ago
9 posts
Great movie, I loved it from the beginning to the end.

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9 Years ago
142 posts
I Love This Movie
this movie is real good

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9 Years ago
105 posts
Cool Film
This film is a great introduction to Rob Brown, the lead star. He is fun to watch. The soundtrack is an absolute winner. I don't think the director could have chosen a better soundtrack. The plot is a bit contrived but overall, I liked this film because Rob Brown really adds a nice flair to it. Sean Connery, as usual, is an absolute joy to watch. Highly recommend this one.

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9 Years ago
80 posts
Finding Forrester
Missed this one when it came out. Sure glad I saw it. Great and inspirational movie. Standing up for what you beleive in is hard in the face of adversity but in the end truth will triumph.

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