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07 - 08 October
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Watch Epitaph Online "Watch Epitaph"
Genre: Horror / Korean
Category: Asian Horror 
Release: 2007 year
Length: --
Views: 13405
Rate: 71%
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current rating: 7.1/10 (51 votes)

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  Epitaph Comments :

9 Months ago
7875 posts
slow moving at times, but otherwise a pretty good horror

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6 Years ago
128 posts

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6 Years ago
2300 posts
This is a great Asian horror, it has all that you look for in one. Give a watch if you enjoy them.

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7 Years ago
gunslinger girl
91 posts
confusing at first but getting towards the end everything clears up and it ends ups being a very sad tragic love story

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8 Years ago
364 posts
Wow just plain weird. If you like asian horror films this is a must see

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8 Years ago
80 posts
Worth Watching.
I loved this movie.It's different than the usual.

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8 Years ago
237 posts
I am DAZED and CONFUSED, got some parts of it, but overall its a bit twistedly confusing, the back and forth and the different parts being played out!! Still is a Good movie.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
40 posts
Didn't Get It.
Was a decent movie but very confusing. To be honest I still don't understand how it was all supposed to fit together. To me it just seemed like 3 separate stories that ran beside each other and never ran together, other then they take place in the same building.

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8 Years ago
62 posts
The movie is different from the usual spook, but it is certainly worth watching.

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8 Years ago
56 posts
Dark Romance
I enjoyed the twisted tale, which keeps you intrigued, But you have to watch it uninterrupted or you'll get lost easily. Definitely saved it as one of my new favorites and give it a 9 out of 10.

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8 Years ago
484 posts
Confusing But U Will Figure It Outq
Thios movie was creepy, different, some what confusing and a bit weird. If you do actually watch it to the end you will understand what the hell was going on in this bouncy movie..but overall great movie..helped pass horrible slow time at work.. i rate it 4/5

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8 Years ago
84 posts
Well Erm!!
boring i say as agree with htose peoples comment

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8 Years ago
115 posts
This movie has great jump out of you seat effects. The music is errie and scary. It is a little confusing in parts but keeps your interest. If you like Korean horror movies, I don't think that you'll be dissapointed.

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8 Years ago
373 posts
Too Confusing.
Just could not understand what was going on and gave up. It's very confusing the way they present the story. Best give it a miss or you'll go crazy. Cannot recommend it.

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8 Years ago
987 posts
twisted movie:) something between european -Dario Argento horrors (but better:) and Asiatic ghosts and myths. There are a few scenes which ca blow you up. Unless you await for girls with dark long hair taking a one-eye peep--give it up

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8 Years ago
154 posts
If you like Asian horror film and ghost stories this is a must see.

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