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Watch Carrie (1976) Online "Watch Carrie (1976)"
Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller
Release: 1976 November
Length: 1H., 38 min.
Views: 0
Rate: 89%
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current rating: 8.9/10 (133 votes)

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Watch Carrie1976 Description :
A mousy and abused girl with telekinetic powers gets pushed too far on one special night.
Watch Carrie (1976) Tags :
1976,   Amy Irving,   Based On Novel,   Betty Buckley,   Blockbuster,   Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship,   Brian De Palma,   Character Name In Title,   Child Abuse,   Cult Film,   Dark Heroine,   Drama,   Dysfunctional Family,   Extrasensory Perception,   Horror,   Independent Film,   John Travolta,   Lawrence D Cohen,   Matricide,   Nancy Allen,  more..

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  Carrie (1976) Comments :

6 Years ago
52 posts
The consequences of bullying can be seen in this film, well the consequences in Steven King's mind, fantastically dark movie.

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6 Years ago
553 posts
classic movie. a must watch at Halloween.

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
cartman rules
301 posts
Pretty much nothing happens during most of the movie, then they pull the sick prank on her, object fly around the room, then its the end of the movie. How people consider this a classic is beyond me.

quick reply! | 2 replies

7 Years ago
71 posts
You youngsters these days have NO imagination. Its more than JUST waiting on stupid special effects.. THERE IS A STORY.. something the youth today knows NOTHING about when it comes to movies.

7 Years ago
cartman rules
301 posts
That is really ignorant and false saying that young people are only interested in special effects and have no imagination. One of my favorite movies is "It's a Wonderful Life" and that is in black and white!

7 Years ago
95 posts
4/5. Very good movie. Have watched it many times.

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
71 posts
One Of My Absolute FAVORITE Classics
As a kid I would not miss for the world. It would come on, on Saturday or Sunday on the Film Festival on ch. 5 KTLA around 1 or 3pm. My sister and I would get so excited when ever we saw it coming on. ITS STILL a classic film and a must see. I still watch EVERY TIME it comes on television.

For those of you claiming its boring, that is because you have no concept of what a REAL storyline consists of. Its almost a if you think the movie doesn't begin until you see some special effect or some blood. Those things only enhance movies, they are NOT the bottom line. Take it from me, I work in the business.

This movie is also Hollywood legend John Travolta's breakout role and also his first film.

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
65 posts
Decent. I liked the plot, and for the most part the acting was pretty good considering how old it is. 3/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
53 posts
This movie made me feel so angry, and so sad at the same time.

I have never seen a movie quite like this. It is a fantastic movie.

oh dear Carrie..

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
240 posts
Amazing! Simply Amazing!
will leave you more than a little teary-eyed. Beautiful acting and beautiful musical score. This is one of these movies that will touch you and never let you of those films that you just can't stop thinking about after you watch them

beautiful, beautiful. Recommended viewing for anyone. This here film has to enter my list of favourite films of all time

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7 Years ago
67 posts
great movie! creepy music at the perfect times. 5/5 :)

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7 Years ago
236 posts
Plug It Up! Plug It Up! Plug It Up!
Carrie is still one of the most creepiest movies ever. And yes, no one could have played this part better than Sissy Spacek and props to the creepy/crazed mother Piper Laurie. One of the best Stephen King stories and film adaptations ever. It's got that corny 70's cheese to it, but it still holds it weight today. A true classic by all rights. 5/5 film cans

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
123 posts
A movie that ALL should see! I loved it when I was younger and I still love! Nothing like the oldies, but goodies!

5/5 STARS!

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8 Years ago
1417 posts
Carrie (1976).
One of King's most successful and imaginative pieces of work. Superb film adaptation, directed by the brilliant Brian De Palma and acted out by a talented cast. Sissy Spacek was magnificent..4.5/5 rating.

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