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28 - 29 August
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Year: 12 /11 /10 /09

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Watch Captain Corelli's Mandolin Online "Watch Captain Corelli's Mandolin"
Genre: Drama / Romance / War
Category: Adaptations 
Release: 2001 September
Length: 2H., 11 min.
Views: 11316
Rate: 87%
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current rating: 8.7/10 (117 votes)

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Watch Captain Corelli's Mandolin Description :
When a fisherman leaves to fight with the Greek army during WWII, his fiancee falls in love with the local Italian commander.
Watch Captain Corelli's Mandolin Tags :
Apostrophe In Title,   Artillery,   Based On Book,   Beautiful Woman,   Box Office Flop,   Character Name In Title,   Christian Bale,   Doctor,   Earthquake,   Greek Island,   Island,   Italian,   Italian Army,   Italian History,   Italian Opera,   Italian Soldier,   Italian Wars,   John Hurt,   John Madden,   Love,  more..

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  Captain Corelli's Mandolin Comments :

7 Years ago
26 posts
i worked at a movie theatre regal cinemas when this movie was released so naturally i watched it then this is a amazing movie yes love story but all other elements that build great movies are here! yes sumhow it did slip through the cracks it had a terrible release date also during the off season in the movie theatre biz 4/5!solid

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7 Years ago
108 posts
very good 10/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

7 Years ago
187 posts
Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Did this movie slip under a crack? Never heard of this one until I saw it on here and read the reviews. Not a bad story, Cage did a good job as romantic lead in this film, shows he can do it. Enjoyed it but it was a little too long. Worth watching!

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
245 posts
A Love Story
Great moving story of love :)

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
105 posts
This is a very heartwarming film, full of dramatism and love. I thin this is something that would be acceptable for all types of viewers!

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
26 posts
Missing Part 4
please put up the missing part?

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
260 posts
Loved It
sweet love story,well done movie with good acting, worth to see

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
153 posts
I'd Give It A 8/10
Okay just seen the film..It's not my favorite idea of the war. I however think that the "local talk" they chose for the movie was rather good, the accents did change a little bit but they did a fine job at making the character their own.

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9 Years ago
17 posts
Couldn't Watch This Because Of The Horrible Accents
Okay, I finally just got through the whole thing. I wanted to see this movie because I knew it had musical connoatations and was about being in love with Penelope Cruz. Which isn't hard to do.

When there is a good script and good story you would think that "top" actors like Nic Cage and Christian Bale would seriously buff up on their local talk. If you are going to do a foreign movie in English with an accent of the local language then you got some serious work to do. Nic apparently didn't do enough training for his accent. He goes from one sentence saying something like: hey man, surfs up dude!, to aye mama mia, no hay pizzaria. If you pay attention to his accent it is all over the place.

If you watch an A actor like Leo Dicaprio, he will seriously study the local vernacular and slang and bring it into his character and make the audience believe it. Look at his accents in Blood Diamond or Gangs of New York. He nails it. These two guys Nic and Christian completely blow it. It gets better towards the end of the film but come on guys, do your homework. Jeezus, it is so distracting and hard to get into a movie where the characters have clearly not done their homework.

My overall feeling about this movie is very conflicted. I loved the story and loved the classical guitar piece that Nics' character recorded but, the accent thing I obviously cannot ignore. They should have done this movie with real Italians, Spaniards, and Germans and kept it real, or otherwise brought in an actor that does his homework like Leo Dicaprio. So there.. That is what I think, take it or leave it....

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