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Watch Buried Online "Watch Buried"
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Release: 8 Oct, 2010
Length: 1H., 40 min.
Views: 0
Rate: 78%
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current rating: 7.8/10 (84 votes)

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Watch Buried Description :
Paul is a U.S. contractor working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap.
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  Buried Comments :

2 Years ago
657 posts
Worth watching and I really liked the ending, it was great. I will give 8/10.

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
15061 posts
Seriously I was hoping for a fair tale type ending, curse you Disney lol. 3/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
10 posts
Dumb Ass!
this film was way better than i expected.. watching a man in a box for 90mins sounds about as interesting as a pile of turnips!..
but it kept me interested and im glad i gave it a chance despite the guy being the stupidest dumb ass ever!.. worth watching though.

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
3005 posts
Lets hope that they dont dig him up for another film like this!
20% Rated this film

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
240 posts
Unique And Cativating
the premise is unique, and to the best of my knowledge, has never been attempted before.

You will be glued to your screen.

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
68 posts
Sad =(
another one that i didn't care too much for..but liked the concept of the movie..i love ryan renolds..great actor

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
1681 posts
Ryan Reynolds has gotta be one of the best actors ever, he is amazing in this.
A movie set entirely in a box who would have thought it but 9/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
265 posts
Buried 7/10
I didnt expect this to work out. Whole movie watching someone in a coffin. But as some people said here: it did. I cant say I was shaking in my chair, but looking at the fact that there wasnt another location than the coffin I am not dissapointed at all. Im someone who normally dont like those ending but this ending was different. I liked it. 7/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
1273 posts
I'm amazed that an entire movie could be set in a box without a minute's boredom.
It worked. It really did! Very uncomfortable to watch but impossible to take your eyes away from the screen.

Excellent! Oh and can you imagine how much profit they made from a budget like that??

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
212 posts
Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job, pretty good flick, 9/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
1321 posts
This movie is great by act but this SUCK more and more and more when it comes to story and the filmning due to the fact that it is low budget, i mean one actor that is great but in a box with the worst possible ending and a story i personally didnt get anything of..

A must not see. 2 star =)=)=) Only for ryan reynolds and that i'm a big faan usually!

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
war angel
149 posts
Not bad, worth watching once, 3.5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
2483 posts
Buried" should of been a 10 minute movie.

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
2768 posts
Not Bad
I enjoyed it for the most part. For being filmed in a box it was pretty good but hated the ending. I couldn't watch the last couple minutes. 3.5/5

quick reply! | 1 replies

6 Years ago
13348 posts
same here..not much to complain about..but the ending sux !! 8/10

6 Years ago
347 posts
Turn on phone get g.p.s. off of it , get co ordinance call some one and tell them!

quick reply! | 2 replies

6 Years ago
109 posts
Would he have signal under ground?
I dont even get signal at my local ASDA!

6 Years ago
2768 posts
That would have been ignorant of the kidnapper to leave him a phone with GPS..

6 Years ago
326 posts
A little slow at times but was generally a pretty good movie, until the ending. I hated the ending, seemed like such a massive anti-climax to all the build up of the film.

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
572 posts
I watched an interview with the star of this yesterday. He said that he is literally in the box during the whole movie. The story seems pretty scary. This is going to be another movie where you have to depend more on the psychological aspects rather than movie affects and scenery in order to enjoy it, or at least take from it what the writer intended.

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
83 posts
Can't wait to watch this movie.

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
65 posts
Different plot outline but 90 minutes of him in a box? Seems like it could get boring?

quick reply! | 1 replies

6 Years ago
347 posts
obviously that wont be the case

6 Years ago
64 posts
looks good cant wait to see this

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
287 posts
Claustrophobic 100 mins with a very unsatisfying ending. A root canal would be more fun than this unpleasant experience. 2/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
20 posts
its a realy cool movie i must watch it even if u can see only the man but it still good cuz he tells the guy that he got over 1 milion hits in youtube because of the guy

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
543 posts
Looks Interesting
This looks interesting.

Curious trailer..make its need to watch

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
63 posts
It's soo good! but its annoying that you only see him down there.. But 4/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

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