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Watch Borat Online "Watch Borat"
Genre: Comedy
Release: 2006 November
Length: 1H., 24 min.
Views: 433235
Rate: 89%
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current rating: 8.9/10 (3809 votes)

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Watch Borat Description :
Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson.
Watch Borat Tags :
Anti Semitism,   Attempted Kidnapping,   Awkwardness,   Based On Sketch Comedy,   Based On Tv Series,   Bear,   Car Salesman,   Character Name In Title,   Controversial,   Cross Country,   Crude Humor,   Cultural Conflict,   Cultural Difference,   Cultural Misunderstanding,   Culture Clash,   Cult Favorite,   Documentary Filmmaking,   Driving Instructor,   Elevator,   Fake Documentary,  more..

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  Borat Comments :

3 Years ago
13877 posts
Hilarious, I laughed my heart out, i just loved it. highly recommemded. 5/5

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4 Years ago
265 posts
Borat 7/10
Crazy and shocking. I still liked ''Bruno'' more. 7/10

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4 Years ago
326 posts
Hilarious movie.

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5 Years ago
FuLhAm bOY91
3904 posts
fantastic film 5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
FuLhAm bOY91
3904 posts
great film 5/5

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
95 posts
Good comedy. 4/5. Bruno was a flop. But this one had many laughs.

quick reply! | 1 replies

5 Years ago
212 posts
heck im not even going to see this..heck seeing the comercial for borat..this is just imature rubbish everyone on here..go read THE BOOK and get saved

5 Years ago
170 posts
Hilarious !!
So so Funny .. Loved it !! 8.5/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
21214 posts
Definitely cringe-worthy. Some stuff was over the top, but this was more palatable than Bruno. There were a lot of shock-induced laughs here, as in "did he really say that?" A lot of very funny one-liners.
For me this rates 6 or 6.5 out of 10.

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
198 posts
It's Ok For An Unconventional Movie.
They weren't in Kazahstan, they took the shots in Romania, cuz they showed "dacia" the 1 horse power romanian car, and they speak at begining romanian language, and that awful music u hear almost the entirely movie is also romanian (manele-populara). I liked the most, the part with the cheese, his home made wife tit cheese. I laugh with tears in my eyes. =)) 4/5

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5 Years ago
1285 posts
SAtupid, Stupid, Stupid!
So stupid, it's funny. In a brain dead useless kind of way. Good for a one time I'm bored of watching paint dry kind of day.

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
20 posts
Great Movie
This was better then Bruno imo. Borat hits the nail on the head ith the shock comedy factor. Like alot of people I didnt watch this thinking it would of been stupid but after finally watching it I about died laughing. Bruno is good but in that one he seams to try to hard to go over the top. This one he is at a perfect level, just hilarious

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5 Years ago
184 posts
the part when he sings the usa hino, and the worse man that was something not planned.. beautifull

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5 Years ago
184 posts
borat is a great character.

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5 Years ago
board3 60
89 posts
awesome movie all tho i expected something more i still liked it
5/5 i cant wait to see BRUNO

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
84 posts
me my cuzing and me bf went and saw this in theaters and umm if u dunn like a mans junk all up in the camera dunn watch but i loughed thru this is halaariouse

quick reply! | 0 replies

5 Years ago
114 posts
Not as shocking as people were making it out to be. I laughed a few times. I'll give it an extra star for the whole

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
637 posts
not my kinda movie

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
98 posts
Good Work
i will watch it again and again

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6 Years ago
162 posts
If you are just rating this movie based on the laugh-factor, you’re missing the real point of the film; this movie is also about exposing people for what they really are.

There are people of many nationalities whom base their’ views on other nationalities…due to ignorance, a personal (un-delightful experience), someone else opinion, fear of the unknown, un-challenge hate and not willing to allow other lifestyles to be at peace.

“Don’t be a dullard, everyone on this planet is human, have needs, wants a better life and desires to be accepted!”

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6 Years ago
22 posts
Funny And Stupid All In One
Anyone who took this seriously shouldnt have.I am in an ethnic relationship with kids and I thought it was funny as hell.Stupid and oviously poking fun at everyone in society.I laughed alot and thought what an idiot.

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
419 posts
Awsome 4/5
Over the top Sasha is a genius

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
3130 posts
I can't believe I waited three years to see this! I thought it was going to be a stupid movie. But with the release of Brüno, and the controversy surrounding it, I decided to watch both movies, in reverse order.
Now I am amazed at the comic genius of Sacha Baron Cohen, his ability to become his character, the hilarious accent, and his gift at physical comedy.
Borat pokes fun at everybody, and actually constitutes a searing satire of both European and American cultures, or just human beings in general. Nobody is spared.
And concerning the shock value of nudity or raunchiness, I didn't see anything in Borat or Brüno that shocked me more than the descent into the sewers of movies like American Pie Beta House; movies that lack the subtlety that hides behind the in-your-face-ness of Cohen's movies.
Can't wait to see what he does next.

quick reply! | 1 replies

6 Years ago
65 posts
i am in ur exact situation according 2 ur 1st sentence! cant believe i never saw it b4!

6 Years ago
67 posts
100x better then bruno, bruno was just disappointing..

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6 Years ago
14 posts
Burned Into My Brain Til The End Of Time
is seriously going to send me to therapy.. funny as hell but ****awful

you may use no form of that word on this site, thank you!
 Posted 6 Years ago
by area814

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6 Years ago
97 posts
His wife is hot

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
15 posts
.. hilarious
sasha baren cohen is a genious!

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
83 posts
Borat 1/5
Outrageous, barely got a couple of mercy laughs out of me, a waste of time. Only worth watching once, if your old enough to be high and drunk. But still, outrageous & shocking nonsense gets attention..,now I'm drawn to the theater to see Bruno.

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
254 posts
I was laughing out loud, really hilarious!! great acting. 8.5/10

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
81 posts
Cohen has some serious balls the way he creates his 'shock' comedy. I laughed so hard at the nude wrestling that milk came out of my nose XD. I you are the type of person who doesn't take films too seriously then you will love this film!!

quick reply! | 0 replies

6 Years ago
131 posts
I was very disappointed in Borat. I laughed a few times, but overall there wasn't anything special about it. Most of what it documented was how some people in America are simple-minded. It was embarrassing to see such people, especially in the south where I'm from. The majority of the film was too stupid for my taste. I do want to see Bruno still. Hopefully it will be better. 2/4 stars for Borat.

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