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28 - 29 August
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Watch Angela's Ashes Online "Watch Angela's Ashes"
Genre: Drama
Category: Adaptations 
Release: 2000 February
Length: 2H., 25 min.
Views: 5143
Rate: 90%
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current rating: 9/10 (223 votes)

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Watch Angelasashes Description :
Based on the best selling autobiography by Irish expat Frank McCourt, Angela's Ashes follows the experiences...
Watch Angela's Ashes Tags :
1930s,   1940s,   Alcoholism,   Apostrophe In Title,   Based On Autobiography,   Based On Novel,   Bigotry,   Box Office Flop,   Brooklyn,   Brooklyn New York,   Character Name In Title,   Children,   Coming Of Age,   Confessional,   Consumption,   Death,   Death Of Child,   Eclipse,   Female Nudity,   Ireland,  more..

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  Angela's Ashes Comments :

7 Years ago
209 posts
Great Film
can't believe i hadn't seen it. excellent story

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7 Years ago
252 posts
Angela's Ashes
I love this film. I like how it showed Frank at different ages in his life. I wonder what happened to his dad though. 9/10

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7 Years ago
86 posts
I Was Dissapointed
I read the book and couldnt wait to see this film but i was dissapointed as they missed alot of key scenes like when he saved his younger siblings life. 7/10

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7 Years ago
511 posts
Classic! amazing story, brilliant ending

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8 Years ago
347 posts
Angela's Ashes
I loved this movie, 5/5. Now I see where my grand mothers parents came from I remember her mentioning the town of Limric when I was just a wee bit of a lad. I was really disturbed that a man would drink a child's food/milk money? That really pissed me off I didn't like that guy after that or before that even, come to think of it I didn't like him at all. Frankie's Mother had a good plan, for the kids father that same night at the bar, but Frankie didn't follow through.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
FuLhAm bOY91
3904 posts
Angela's Ashes
amazing film 5/5

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8 Years ago
164 posts
Angela's Ashes--
A Terrific film..Frank McCourt just passed so-- watch this film as a nice tribute to a man whom struggled to succeed. Great film on perserverance.

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8 Years ago
52 posts
Angela's Ashes
I have never read the books, but after seeing this movie I'm going to
The actors who played Frank McCourt were brilliant and so was Emily Watson!
I can't wait until I can read the books
A must see!

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
93 posts
You Must See Angelas Ashes
Have read the books and loved them.. and love the movie too. this is a MUST SEE movie!!

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8 Years ago
41 posts
A Must See
Don't miss this one folks 10/10

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8 Years ago
10 posts
What a wonderful movie. I never read the book, but I read the next book Tis which is also good.

quick reply! | 0 replies

8 Years ago
32 posts
Great Movie!
i thought i had seen this before and i had started to watch it last night on tv so i'll finish watching it now. If i remember right this movie is amazing!

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8 Years ago
67 posts
Angela's Ashes
What can I say but Frank McCourt is a FANTASIC writer, I have read all three of his books and once you start reading: Anglea Ashes which is based on his childhood Ireland Tis which is based on his teenage and adult living in both America.
Then his final book Teacher Man about his adult life, working a teacher in America once you opened the books its really hard for you to put it down until you get to the end as it is so wonderful to read.
Angela Ashes is a FANTASTIC movie and i have to give it 10/10 I was hooked from start to finish and it made me cry as its so emotional. The actors who played Frank McCourt, his father and Emily Watson were brilliant i have to add this movie to my Great Movie list as i could watch it over and over ago as it that GREAT.
You should read all 3 of his books and watch this move so enjoy

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8 Years ago
93 posts
Angelas Ashes
The book is fantastic!! And so is this movie!!

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8 Years ago
35 posts
Angela's Ashes
At the beginning of the movie, I was cautious that the screenplay wouldn't follow the book. By the end of the film, the story comes full circle and ties in very closely with Frank McCourt's memoir. Although a low-budget film (too low-budget for McCourt's Pulitizer Prize winning book), I was very impressed by the movie!! A must see!

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8 Years ago
487 posts
Angela's Ashes
This movie follows a family living in poverty in 1930's Ireland. Very good, very realistic film. I liked the fact that this film shows the family in different stages over a course of 10 years or so, so some of the children are played by several different actors. Really great movie, 5/5.

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9 Years ago
12 posts
Angelas Ashes
Please Post More Videos!. this is my favorite movie!!

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9 Years ago
233 posts
This movie is great 5 outa 5. Also the book is brilliant.


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9 Years ago
39 posts
My Heart Aches
I have read the book 2x and l loved it. I finally decided to watch the movie and it was great. I have always pictured the lanes of Limerick and was astonished to see them. Oh what a tragedy of a life this family has overcome. I have also read Tis' and am happy to learn more of the McCourt lifespan. I will read any book that is written by any McCourt and will honor and treasure these stories forever.

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9 Years ago
27 posts
This Was Extremely..
This was extremely good. I thought partway through that there was going to be some teenage hustling going on, but thankfully not quite. This offered a nice view of multiple characters as they interacted with eachother. I really like how they showed the ability and tendancy of humans to act one way with a person while really intending or wishing to act another.

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