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27 - 28 June
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Watch Alex & Emma Online "Watch Alex & Emma"
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Release: 2003 June
Length: 1H., 36 min.
Views: 29758
Rate: 82%
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current rating: 8.2/10 (72 votes)

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Watch Alexemma Description :
A writer must turn out a novel in thirty days or face the wrath of loan sharks.
Watch Alex & Emma Tags :
Actor Playing Multiple Roles,   Character Name In Title,   Chick Flick,   Kate Hudson,   Novel,   Novelist,   Paris When It Sizzles,   Stenographer,   Story In Story,   Writer,   Writing,  

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  Alex & Emma Comments :

6 Years ago
1321 posts
Alex & Emma
Kate hudson & Luke wilson are great togheter, tho i must say i love Owen Wilson, he is so handsome, funny and not so serious lookii xD

Anyways, awsome, cute, romantic, comedy.

A must see. 5 star movie =)=)=)

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7 Years ago
402 posts
Really Worth Seeing..
Hey, this is a really nice little movie.. it runs almost like a play, the two main characters and the story that Luke is dictating unfolding between them. It's a bit old style and is rather charming, very funny in places. For me the best thing is Kate Hudson, I was just watching her the other day in "Raising Helen" which is also a very sweet story and film.. I think I'm developing a bit of a crush on her, it's that cute smile and her lovely character! Anyway, "Alex and Emma" is a low budget but very pleasant movie, really worth seeing. 4/5

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7 Years ago
114 posts
that will be great if the movie was in english..but its not..soo im kinda

quick reply! | 1 replies

7 Years ago
402 posts
It's in English today.. try Megavideo!

7 Years ago
498 posts
Alex & Emma
A little different from your typical rom-com. Luke Wilson seems to be in a lot of unique films and I enjoy most of them. Cute, funny and mostly light hearted. 3.5/5

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9 Years ago
49 posts
the main character portrayed his life threw a book. and in someways that's the only way he knew how 2 express himself.

very creative not the most romantic but if u pay attention and c it 4 wat it is.
u would c that he saw emma as most of the women in the story. she loved as he was. she didnt ask 4 anything but his heart

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9 Years ago
62 posts
Love this movie cute cute cute cute!

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9 Years ago
155 posts
but decent, i like both actors

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9 Years ago
121 posts
i really liked this movie, it has some funny dorky parts, its good..

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9 Years ago
17 posts
A Story Within A Story
This is a real sweet love story. The novel he is writing comes alive in the film as a second story line. So, you get two stories in one (or is it?). You will like this film.

quick reply! | 0 replies

9 Years ago
1071 posts
Not Too Bad
This movie is not good, and it's certainly not very funny. However, if you are a fan of either Wilson or Hudson, you'll enjoy it. The movie is awesome, and does not require any thinking. If you see it you won't die, if you don't see it you certainly aren't going to die either..

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9 Years ago
285 posts
HUH ??
I liked this movie , the description on here does it NO justice .. but altogether this movie is a great story .. give it a chance !!

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10 Years ago
4 posts
Yeah, I agree, its a completely unfitting description, but the movie itself was actually pretty good. It was better than I thought it would be considering that horrid description.

quick reply! | 0 replies

10 Years ago
You're totally right! that is such a lame Description.
Ah well..

quick reply! | 0 replies

10 Years ago
Yeah I haven't even watched it yet and I can tell it's gonna be crap!!

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